Peace News Round-up

Here are some top stories of, by, or for Adventist peacemakers. Each of these topics deserves its own blog post or podcast episode.

DISCLAIMER: Being listed here does not mean the APF supports the content of the article. It merely means the article or topic may be of interest to the APF community. For example, we do not support the petition to fire Kenya's Chief Justice; however, this story could be noteworthy for some of our readers.

In Mexico, Adventists assist in aftermath of latest earthquake (Libna Stevens, ANN, 22 Sept 2017)

Petition to Fire Kenya’s Chief Justice in Reaction to Invalidation of Presidential Election (Tysan, Adv Today, 21 Sept 2017)

Special message from Pastor Israel Leito on recent natural disasters in Inter-America (ANN, 21 Sept 2017)

ADRA responds to Hurricane Irma devastation in the Caribbean (ANN, 20 Sept 2017) 

A Reflection on the Same-Sex Marriage Debate in Australia (Eddy Johnson, Spectrum, 19 Sept 2017)

Against the Wall launched on September 18, as reported on our podcast--Episode 13. Two new articles are:

Adventists in the Caribbean Islands and Florida Offer Relief after Hurricane Irma (Jeff Boyd, Adv Today, Sept 18, 2017)

Andrews University Hosts Migrant and Refugee Missions Conference (Adv Today, 18 Sept 2017)

Sydney Adventist Hospital Physician Resigns From Australian Medical Association Over Same-Sex Marriage Statement (Adv Today, 18 Sept 2017)

Religious Freedom: Some Historical Perspectives and Present Applications (Reinder Bruinsma, Spectrum, 18 Sept 2017)

Spanish Volunteers Support ADRA Romania’s Projects (Beth Thomas, ANN, 17 Sept 2017)

Adventist Church in Inter-America assesses damage from Hurricane Irma and begins relief effort. (Libna Steves, ANN, 17 Sept 2017)

Pacific Northwest ACS disaster response prepares to help in Oregon fires (Steve Vistaunet, ANN, 15 Sept 2017)

Australian Adventists Respond to Marriage Law Postal Survey (Alisa Williams, Spectrum, 14 Sept 2017)

Andrews University ranked number one in ethnic diversity (ANN, 14 Sept 2017)

Hundreds Participate in NAD's enditnow Pastors' Summit on Abuse (Kimberly Luste Maran, NAD News, 13 Sept 2017)

"Both days of the event were not only live streamed on Facebook, they were also covered live on the enditnow Twitter account. Visit the enditnow Facebook page to watch the presentations."


Peacemakers Not Partisans: A New Paradigm for Social Engagement (Steven Siciliano, Spectrum, 11 Sept 2017)

Statement from North American Division regarding end of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (ANN, 8 Sept 2017)

Hurricane Irma leaves destruction in the Caribbean; Earthquake shakes Mexico (Libna Stevens, ANN, 8 Sept 2017)

Black pastors release video, announce NFL boycott in support of Colin Kaepernick (Nick Birdsong, Sporting News, 19 Aug 2017)

Should Adventists Get Political? (Nathan Brown, Adv Today, 28 July 2017)

New Book on Social Justice as Taught by Ellen White (Monte Sahlin, Adv Today, 27 July 2017)

New Book Puts Ellen White Against Civil War Backdrop (Alita Byrd, Spectrum, 22 June 2017)