The following non-proselytizing, non-profit organizations dedicated to work for peace and social justice were founded in whole or in part by Adventists (with the exception of those listed under the heading of "Peace Fellowships"). We welcome recommendations of organizations to include on this list, which can be sent to us by email.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency

The non-proselytizing official humanitarian organization of the church that provides disaster assistance and works for economic development in more than 120 countries around the world.

Amistad International

A nonprofit organization dedicated to serving impoverished communities around the world and empowering indigenous cultures.

Association Internationale pour la Défense de la Liberté Religieuse

A UN-recognized nongovernmental organization founded in 1946 by Adventist physician Jean Nussbaum, with Eleanor Roosevelt as its first president, to defend the right of every person "to worship as he chooses or to practice no religion at all".

Faith House Manhattan

An experimental interfaith community in New York City that shares ritual life and devotional space and is committed to social justice for the healing of the world.

John Henry Weidner Center for Cultivation of the Altruistic Spirit

A nonprofit foundation that commemorates individuals who courageously defended the lives of Jews during the Holocaust and seeks to foster non-institutionalized acts of selfless and risky service to others in the spirit of John Weidner.

La Sierra University Center for Conflict Resolution

An organization that provides training in mediation, negotiation, and non-adversarial conflict resolution and interpersonal communication.

Les Mêmes Droits Pour Tous

MDT ("Equal Justice for All") provides free legal aid to prisoners in Guinea, West Africa, including victims of torture, starvation, and gender-based violence. It has secured the release of more than 500 wrongfully detained prisoners, many of whom were held for years without trial.

Lyndi Fourie Foundation

An organization to confront the nexus of violence and poverty in South Africa founded by Ginn Fourie, whose daughter was killed at the Heidelberg Tavern Massacre in December 1993, and Letlapa Mphahlele, the Azanian Peoples Liberation Army Commander who gave the order for the massacre.

National Association for the Prevention of Starvation

A non-profit organization that seeks to mitigate hunger, poverty, and disease, and to improve education and food security among suffering people, both nationally and internationally.

Oakwood University Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations

A research and training organization that provides resources for Christians and Muslims to engage in dialogue for greater understanding, friendship, and peace.

Party for Animals

A political party founded in 2002 in the Netherlands to promote the rights and welfare of animals with candidates now serving in the Dutch House of Representatives and Senate.

Peace Fellowships

The Adventist Peace Fellowship stands in a long line of lay-organized non-profit organizations dedicated to principles of conscientious objection and ecumenical work for peace and social justice, including:

World Outside My Shoes

A nonprofit educational and professional development organization created by Rwanda genocide survivor Carl Wilkens to equip and inspire people to enter the world of “the Other.”