The APF has compiled the following bibliography as a primer in Adventist social ethics.  We have included pieces from both popular and scholarly publications, and stories of both Adventist moral courage and moral failure.  Some of these articles were written by non-Adventists and some were written by Adventists without any direct reference to the Adventist tradition.  They are listed in reverse chronological order under topics of particular concern to the APF.  We welcome article recommendations, which can be sent to us by email.

Anti-Imperialism and Conscientious Objection

Church-State Relations

Civil Rights and Race in America

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  • Shaw, Talbert, “Racism and Adventist Theology,” Spectrum, Vol.3 (Autumn 1971).

Economic Justice

Environmental Ethics and Animal Rights

Genocide in Rwanda

Human Rights And Freedom Of Conscience


  • Bell, Ryan, “Killing the DREAM Act: Still No Room in the Inn,” Huffington Post Online, December 20, 2010.
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  • Tetz, Raymond, “Adventist Pastors Help in Amnesty Effort,” Spectrum, Vol.18, No.1 (1987).

Interfaith and Ecumenical Dialogue

Iraq War and the “War on Terror”

World War II and the Nazi Temptation

Project Whitecoat and the Vietnam War

Womenʼs Rights

  • Londis, James, “The Gospel Demands Equality Now,” Spectrum, Vol.19, No.5 (1989).
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