Adventists Continue to Respond to Racial Violence In Charlottesville

Here is a sampling of events, news stories, statements, and blog posts relating to the recent racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. See our previous reporting here--NAD & ASJ.

Call to Prayer for Charlottesville (19 Aug 2017)

Seventh-day Adventist Entities Respond to Charlottesville (Alisa Williams, Spectrum, 18 Aug 2017)

Pacific Union Conference President Responds to Charlottesville Atrocities: “Blessed Are the Peacemakers” (Adventist Today, 18 Aug 2017)

Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Ricardo Graham Responds to White Supremacist Violence (Ricardo Graham, Spectrum, 17 Aug 2017)

A Response to Events in Charlottesville, Virginia (Michael Nixon, Andrews University Diversity Blog, 17 Aug 2017)

A Brutal Wakeup Call (Ty Gibson, Light Bearers, 17 Aug 2017)

On Being Adventist in the Wake of Charlottesville (Laura Wibberding, The Other Adventist Home, 17 Aug 2017) [I want to add a comment that I think both are problems -- racism and lack of activism.]

Adventist Congregations & Leaders Respond to Violent Incident in Virginia (Adventist Today, 15 Aug 2017)

Charlottesville. How Do We React? (Roger Hernandez, The Haystack, 14 Aug 2017)

And a general message from Andrews University - Instagram