Quarterly: The Least of These

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Adventist Peace Radio, the podcast of the Adventist Peace Fellowship, will feature a special series during the third quarter of 2019 (July–September). Co-hosts Nathan Brown and Lisa Diller join Jeff Boyd in leading the series, a weekly conversation following the Quarterly lesson study from Genesis to Revelation. The series features a number of insightful and challenging conversation partners: Claudia Allen, Chris Blake, Joanna Darby, Margaret Howell, Willie Hucks, Patty Prasada Rao, Brenton Stacey, and Michelet William.

Nathan Brown is book editor at Signs Publishing Company in Melbourne, Australia, and primary instigator behind this Quarterly. Lisa Diller, PhD, is a history professor at Southern Adventist University and coordinator of the APF Peace Church Network. Jeff Boyd supports faculty research efforts at Andrews University, and he is director of the Adventist Peace Fellowship.

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  • The Least of These: Ministering to Those in Need (Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, July–Sept 2019). Available: Local Seventh-day Adventist church, Online, App (Google Play | iTunes).

  • For the Least of These (Nathan Brown, 2019). Available: Adventist Book Center, Amazon.com. US residents can also order Nathan’s book through ADRA and pay only $3 for shipping. Order now at ADRA.org/LeastOfThese. Visit ADRA.org to learn more about ADRA, the international humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Their work centers on delivering justice, compassion, and love through community development projects and emergency response in more than 130 countries around the world.

  • Interview with Nathan Brown (Adventist News Network, 8:25)

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  • Introduction: Nathan Brown, Lisa Diller, and Jeff Boyd introduce the project. [play now]

  • Lesson 1: God Created (June 29–July 5). Featuring Joanna Darby. [play now]

  • Lesson 2: Blueprint for a Better World (July 6–12). [play now]

  • Lesson 3: Sabbath: A Day of Freedom (July 13–19). Featuring Claudia Allen. [play now]

  • Lesson 4: Mercy & Justice in Psalms & Proverbs (July 20–26). Featuring Margaret Howell. [play now]

  • Lesson 5: The Cry of the Prophets (July 27–Aug 2). Featuring Michelet William. [play now]

  • Lesson 6: Worship the Creator (Aug 3–9). Featuring Claudia Allen. [play now]

  • Lesson 7: Jesus and Those in Need (Aug 10–16). Featuring Patty Prasada Rao. [play now]

  • Lesson 8: The Least of These (Aug 17–23). Featuring Willie Hucks. [play now]

  • Lesson 9: Ministry in the New Testament Church (Aug 24–30). Featuring Brenton Stacey. [play now]

  • Lesson 10: Living the Gospel (Aug 31–Sept 6). Featuring Claudia Allen. [play now]

  • Lesson 11: Living the Advent Hope (Sept 7–13). Featuring Chris Blake. [play now]

  • Lesson 12: To Love Mercy (Sept 14–20). Featuring Patty Prasada Rao. [play now]

  • Lesson 13: A Community of Servants (Sept 21–27).

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