Historic Adventist Peacemakers

The following peacemakers highlight the richness of Adventist history. Not everyone listed was a baptized Seventh-day Adventist or remained one throughout their life; however, at a minimum, each closely identified with the Adventist movement. The list is still in progress, so we invite you to return to learn about additional figures. Click on the names to learn more.

A. T. Jones (1850-1923), Pastor

Mikhail Kulakov (1927-2010), Pastor

John Wesley Manns (d. 1929), Pastor

Harry Miller (1879-1977), Physician

William Miller (1782-1849), Pastor

Irene Morgan (1917-2007), Activist

Lewis C. Sheafe (1859-1938), Pastor

Vladimir Shelkov (1895-1980), Pastor

Fernando and Ana Stahl, Educators

Ruth J. Temple (1892-1984), Physician

Sojourner Truth (d. 1883), Activist

Joseph Harvey Waggoner (1820-1889), Pastor

John Henry Weidner (1912-1994), Businessman

Edson White (1849-1928), Educator

Ellen White (1827-1915), Prophet

Warren Banfield (1922-2006), Pastor

Joseph Bates (1792-1872), Pastor

Arna Bontemps (1902-1973), Educator

Roy Branson (1937-2015), Educator

Mary Britton (1855-1925), Activist

John Byington (1798-1887), Administrator

Sam Campbell (1895-1962), Environmentalist

Edward Earl Cleveland (1921-2009), Pastor

Desmond Doss (1919-2006), Noncombatant

Charles Finney (1805-1844), Revivalist

William Gifford (1798-1903), Craftsman

Angelina and Sarah Grimké (1805-1879?), Abolitionists

Frank W. Hale (1927-2011), Educator

Joshua V. Himes (1805-1895), Activist

Theodore Roosevelt Mason Howard (1908-1977), Businessman

James Kemuel Humphrey (1877-1952), Pastor