To the extent that our resources and annual budget allow, the Adventist Peace Fellowship provides financial support of up to US$500 to individuals and US$1000 to groups in our network who are engaged in ongoing work for peace and social justice. We are especially interested in supporting Adventist college and university students who have formed APF chapters and are already pursuing actions that demonstrate their commitment to peace and social justice work for the benefit of their entire communities. All grant decisions are made by unanimous vote of our Board of Directors based on the recommendation of a Grant Committee comprised of at least three members of our Advisory Board. There are two APF grant cycles each year with proposal deadlines of April 1 and October 1. Grant decisions will be made within one month of these dates. Those who receive APF funding should provide a timely follow-up report of their activities that might be posted on the APF Blog. We give priority to grant proposals for projects that demonstrate long-term and sustainable commitments, and to individuals and groups who have not received APF grants in the past. Please do not apply for funding more than once every two years to help ensure that others have an equal opportunity to receive APF financial support. Please also keep in mind that the APF is not a development organization with the resources or expertise to fund overseas projects that do not have a very clear peacemaking and social justice focus. If you would like to apply for an APF grant, you should send us a request by email with the proposal attached as a separate PDF or Word document. Your proposal should includes the following information in several concise paragraphs:

  1. Project summary
  2. Project budget
  3. Desired outcomes (including a description of who the primary beneficiaries of the project will be as well as the short and long-term results you hope to achieve)
  4. Follow-up plans (Will you write or speak about your activities afterward to raise awareness of peace and justices issues?)
  5. Transparency and accountability (If necessary, how can we confirm that the funds have been used for the stated purpose?)