Adventists in North America Celebrate Black History Month

The following list is by now means exhaustive, but it representative of some of the writings and events that commemorated Black History Month in February.

Why Black History? (Jason Hines, Spectrum, 22 Feb 2018)

The Clearest Mirror: Reflections on Black Adventist History (Benjamin Baker, Spectrum, 6 Feb 2018)

Hidden Figures: Black Adventist Women Who Made a Difference (Part 1) (Benjamin Baker, Spectrum, 22 Feb 2018)

Hidden Figures: Black Adventist Women Who Made a Difference (Part 2) (Benjamin Baker, Spectrum, 26 Feb 2018)

"Changing the World: The Next Step": View "The Long Walk to Freedom" and engage with panel discussion. Jeff Boyd, Adventist Peace Fellowship director, participated in this event by joining the sizeable panel. After watching the short documentary "The Long Walk to Freedom," a number of community members and Andrews University personnel formed what some joked was the largest panel they'd ever witnessed. The hour-long discussion was video recorded and is supposed to be made available on the Andrews University library website. This was one of many campus events celebrating Black History Month.

long walk to freedom panel (2).jpg
long walk to freedom poster.jpg

Additionally, Episode 19 of the Adventist Peace Radio podcast will feature students from Walla Walla University who helped plan this year's Peace Week. Look for it in early March 2018.

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