Video: Five (Supposed) Reasons to Stop Your Social Activism

You probably get criticized for your social action. At least if you ever share about it on social media. Maybe you've encountered some or all of the five criticisms that I've received as outlined in this latest APF-TV video. Some statements I'd like to clarify, but that's the downside to making a video as compared to writing a blog post; it's a bit harder to edit. 

See resources listed below the video.

What other arguments do you hear? And how do you respond? Please let us know in the comments section!


Ellen G. White quotes on social ethics (link)

Welfare Ministry (Ellen G. White; compilation)

Do Justice (Nathan Brown & Joanna Darby, eds.)

The World Is Not Ours to Save (Tyler Wigg-Stevenson)

The Upside-Down Kingdom (Donald B. Kraybill)

Flint Lives Matter (since I wore the t-shirt):