Adventist Peace Radio, Episode 10: Gabriela Phillips

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In this episode, Jeff Boyd interviews Gabriela Phillips. Gaby serves as the Adventist Muslim Relations Coordinator for the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and she also leads the Adventist Muslim Friendship Association, which is a local initiative of the Division.

She shares with her husband a passion for inviting Muslims and Adventists to journey closer to God in preparation for the soon return of Jesus. She has a special focus on finding the footprints of God among Muslims and then leading Adventists and Muslims from common ground to higher ground.

Gaby is currently pursuing doctoral studies at Andrews University and has over twenty years of experience in Adventist Muslim Relations.




1:55 NAD Adventist-Muslim Relations (Refugee support, Interfaith engagement, AMFA)

7:48 Student Groups and Congregations

10:10 Refugee Support

18:03 Gaby’s personal journey

23:47 Four speakers: political, humanitarian, theological, missiological

30:45 Better person because of Muslims

35:19 Religion and violence

39:45 Think deeply; think missiologically

41:56 Resources

Abraham's Other Son: Islam Among Judaism and Christianity (Philip Samaan, 2012)

"From Other to Brother: Reaching out to Refugees and to Our Muslim Neighbors" (2-28-17, Gabriela Phillips, NAD website)

"Articles/Videos on Outreach to Refugee and Immigrant Populations in North America" (1-30-17, NAD website)


Thank you again for joining us for this episode. And I’d like to thank my wife, Charissa, for reading the introduction.

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