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Mikhail Kulakov

Mikhail Kulakov (1927-2010) was a theologian and minister whose translation of the Bible into modern Russian has been praised by Protestant as well as Orthodox biblical scholars. A tireless advocate of religious liberty who was sentenced to five years of hard labor in the Soviet gulags for his beliefs, Kulakov met with Mikhail Gorbachav on three separate occasions to defend freedom of conscience. He helped to restore unity among various factions of Adventist church that had been splintered under the Soviet system. He also engaged in sustained and ecumenical social activism for peace and nonviolence. Kulakov was a participant in the historic 1977 “Religious Leaders for Lasting Peace, Disarmament and Just Relations Among Nations” conference in Moscow, as well as the 1978 meeting of the Christian Peace Movement in Prague. In the 1980s he traveled twice to Japan to work for peace in partnership with Japanese religious organizations.

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