APF Director on Disruptive Adventism Podcast

Jeff Boyd, the Adventist Peace Fellowship Director, is featured in Episode 67 of the Disruptive Adventism podcast, which is hosted by Jose Briones (Facebook & website). The two primary topics of conversation are pacifism and the Adventist Peace Fellowship.

DA podcast crop.JPG

In the episode, Jeff references a paper he wrote during grad school about Adventist history. The paper looks at U.S. Adventist history relating to military participation, and he wrote it for the seminary class “Christian Attitudes to War, Peace & Revolution.” This paper can be accessed online here.

Additionally, after the interview, Jeff put together a reading list for those who are interested in studying these themes more deeply (PDF link).

DISCLAIMER FROM JEFF: “In the conversation I share that I was surprised to learn about the rich history of Adventist peacemaking (people like this). That said—and it’s true—I’m also painfully aware of many of the ways we have fallen short of our high calling. We have a mixed history (and present), to be sure. For example, see the start of the Regional Conferences in the United States or the history outlined in Zack Plantak’s The Silent Church.”

Disruptive Adventism has shared many conversations on themes relating to peace and justice, and below are some examples. We think you’ll become a fan, after all, a number of these guests have also been on Adventist Peace Radio: