"The Wound" Considers Racial Justice within US Adventism (The Haystack)

Andrew Ashley and Mark Cumberiate's three-part documentary, The Wound, is must-see TV for Adventists in the United States, and even beyond.

The film looks "at race relations in the Seventh-day Adventist church. It uses the concept of what to do with a wound you might receive as how to handle the theoretical wound in the church. First you clean the wound, then repair it, and then protect it" (The Wound). The documentary was produced by Stay Hungry Studios and was funded and distributed by The Haystack.

Here are the three sections:

PART 1 -- Cleaning

"Racism has been an issue in the Adventist church for quite awhile now. This documentary is a breakdown of the history, struggles, and solutions to this problem. Part one deals with the history of racism in the church."

PART 2 -- Repairing

PART 3 -- Protecting

What are your reactions to these films? What questions do they raise for you? What experiences do they remind you of? What emotions do they evoke? What reaction do they call for?