Peace Church Network Congregations Are Engaging Important Issues

As our network of Peace Church’s continues to grow, so do the creative and fascinating ways to connect with each other and learn from what other communities are doing. Here is just a snapshot of what some Peace Church groups are doing right now:

The Well in Chattanooga, TN, (who admittedly are not big fans of multiple committees) recently formed two important committees: One for Inclusion/Disabilities and another for Intimate violence/Harassment. “We see this sort of restorative justice and work for human rights on the local church level as being fundamentally part of the Adventist Peace heritage.” “The disabilities committee is made up of people who want to make sure that we are fully inclusive of the range of abilities in our congregation--so there are a couple family members of people who have disabilities, as well as two who themselves have disabilities. The second is made up of social workers who have specific expertise in providing the resources and counseling that victims or potential victims may need. These groups are just getting started, so stay tuned for later reports.”

Glendale City Church in Glendale, CA, is hosting a series of Interfaith Programs. In October, the imam energized the group with his presentation and offered a sense of unity. They are also using the NAD study guide for LGBTQ parents/family to begin a support group for that community. Earlier in the summer, the church hosted a Sabbath prayer and preaching to focus on family separations at the border.

Church of the Advent Hope in NYC held a Peace Ministry sponsored discussion on racism. It was a panel that centered on black experiences and voices in the Advent Hope community. You may watch the entire discussion posted on the church’s Facebook page.

If you find yourself traveling to an area where a Peace Church is active, we encourage you to visit!