SAU Peace Chapter Gets Active

For those working towards a more just and equitable world, good news is all too rare.  That’s what makes watching a younger generation take up the torch very good news.  Recently, three leaders at APF met with three students guiding the Peace Chapter at Southern Adventist University to discuss their plans for the school year and encourage the work they are doing.

Together with Marci Corea, Peace Chapter Coordinator, Karah Thompson, Secretary, and Lisa Diller, Peace Church Coordinator, we chatted about their exciting plans. Lizzie Williams, a PR major, plans to host a TED Talk viewing and panel discussion about injustice. Later, the team is planning a trivia night relating to topics of social justice and peace, and a 2019 Peace Week on campus.  President Eunice Gomez, a senior pre-dental student, and Caroline Smith, a political science major, both shared their desire to bring justice and equality issues to light, and to share their passion in a way that encourages other students to get involved. 

A highlight of the lunch hour spent together was hearing one leader share how she became aware of inequalities and justice issues after taking the class “Human Rights Issues” at the university.  “Once I knew these things, I couldn’t just put them under a rock and forget about them.  I HAD to do something.” Eunice Gomez immigrated from central America and says she lived in “intense poverty.”  Her heart has been moved to make a career of serving high need populations through dentistry. 

Our time together was hopeful, inspiring, and fun, and we are looking forward to more good news from the Peace Chapter at Southern in the coming months.