AR: Adventists Team Up With Panama University to Fight Violence

"President of the University of Panama Dr. Gustavo Garcia De Paredes (left) together to President of the Adventist Church in East Panama Pastor Jose De Gracia sign special agreement on May 15, 2014, at the campus of the University of Panama in Panama City, Panama. Both entities will join efforts in developing initiatives to counter the growing violence affecting the most vulnerable sectors in the Central American country. Image courtesy of East Panama Conference/IAD The Adventist Review reports that "Seventh-day Adventist church in Panama has signed an agreement with the University of Panama in Panama City to develop initiatives to counter growing violence in the Central American country" (IAD Staff, 2 July 2014, link). The article continues, "Under the agreement, the church and the state university will conduct joint research about young people, carry out early detection and prevention of domestic violence, and promote family unity with special programs and activities."

The complete article can be read here.