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A. T. Jones

After volunteering to fight in America’s Indian Wars at the age of 20 and participating in a violent campaign to force Modoc Indians onto a reservation, Jones (1850-1923) was assigned to Fort Walla Walla in Washington State where he joined the Adventist community after attending a revivalist camp-meeting. As a result of his embrace of the Adventist movement, he became an outspoken champion of nonviolence. As editor of the Review and Herald, Jones agitated against any union of church and state and denounced U.S. imperialism in the Spanish-American War with prophetic urgency, describing America as “Babylon” and an oppressive “beast” straight out of the pages of the Book of Revelation. In 1899, he wrote, “War is the loss of all human sense; under its influence men become animals entirely.  It is the reversal of Christianity…Is it not time there were a revival of the preaching of the gospel of peace?”

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